Subscribed to isolation

Happiness in a box. More on this “Malaysia mari” subscription box later

Dear friends,

How are you all coping with your current situation? In my last post, I was on Day 7 of MCO. Right now as I’m writing this; I am on Day 23 of MCO, which has been extended to 14th April as opposed to the original end day of 31st March.(UPDATE: Phase 3 of MCO is extended to 28/4)

Being a self-proclaimed introvert; I admit I was initially okay with the idea of being home 24/7 for 14 days. After all I’m used to enjoying my own company; be it dining alone in a neighbourhood restaurant or catching up on emails with my black coffee on a Saturday morning in the kitchen.

However, days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to a month. And the reality of being ‘forced’ to stay home with VERY minimal outings and physical social interactions eventually reached my limits. More than ever I realised now how social we human beings are, introvert or extrovert.

Yes I enjoy dining alone, in a restaurant full of people and staffs I can say thanks to. Yes I prefer working out alone than with a workout buddy, but in a gym filled with gym members from all walks of life I could say hi to. Yes I choose doing my own things over gossiping with collagues at work; but I now desperately want to see all their faces, at their respective workspaces, yet still choose not to go over their desk and catch up on latest work gossip.

I miss physical social interactions.

Please do not get me wrong; in no way I am whining. On the contrary, I AM aware of how blessed I currently am. I still have a roof over my head, have three meals a day and knowing every single family member of mine is safe. For these I am thankful.

Since we’re on the subject of isolation, may I ask; what do you guys do for fun? After you’re with WFH/homeschooling/cooking/doing chores for the day that’s it?

Me? Oh, I still keep my coffee subscription with Perk active. Now that I have to WFH and got nowhere to go, of course I need a steady supply of caffein!

Perk Coffee subscription; got this FREE coffee journal + fridge magnet on my 3rd month with them.

Remember that dusty-pink box earlier in this post? That’s a Happy Hopscotch subcription box I ordered online on late March. FYI, this isn’t a self-isolation shopping. Rather, HH is a local subscription service I’d been wanting to try since January. Unfortunately back then they got a problem with the payment service so I kept HH on the back seat….until recently.

I tried out their one-time subscription box. (It’ll be cheaper if you subscribe to the 2-box or 4-box plans) For RM120, I got;

HH March/Apr 2020 Box; RM120. 5 items + 1 free earthcare talc powder from the team
5 items in Box of Joyful Wishes
The free gift has already expired though😶

Until then, stay safe❤


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