Hanna (2)
In Urban Decay VICE lipstick in Ravenswood.

Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Hanna. Based in Selangor, Malaysia, I’m a thirty-something woman who loves having fun with makeups and skincare. I’m a beauty junkie, but not at all an expert. My first beauty product that I bought is of course, a mascara.

I have a young daughter with eczema. Everyday, we figure out ways to live with eczema & living life as meaningfully as we could, despite whatever health condition we have. Here on Mascaras & Motherhood, I blog about stuffs I like; from skincare to fun makeup finds, to books and (sometimes) fitness as well as (used to be) sharing info and tips on dealing with eczema so if you’re on the same boat, stay around & I hope you’ll have fun. 😉


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