Good day to you too, ’22.

Hello everyone!

February morning mist

How’s the year 2022 has been treating you all? Good, I hope? I really do, though. Especially after everything we all have been through collectively since the new decade started over two years ago.

Personally, 2022 has been treating me rather well, thankfully. No quarantine in Covid dorms, no months of lockdown, no more shortness of breath nor pounding chest (from anxiety, not from Covid) and most certainly NO MORE hours of Google Meet conferences/meetings/classes. Phew!

Before I end today’s short blogpost, here’s wishing everyone currently reading this; Stay safe, stay healthy. May this year bring you kindness, tranquility and love. I wish everyone a good year in 2022.


Blooms in this bleak pandemic

Celebrating a decade of marriage! 🌹 Excuse the messy extension. 😆

Oh my, what a mess we’re all in now. It’s mid-July 2021 yet we’re all still deep in this pandemic. This blog was initially created with the intention of sharing about my personal experience with beauty products & (at that time) discussing eczema with fellow bloggers. It was early 2016, the time when it was still possible for me to go on my daily life with minimal dependency on computers. So it makes sense then that on my free time, I would ‘escape’ to this blogsphere and write away….

Fast forward to now, this global health crisis forces us to stay home for months. (and months, and months later…) Whether I like it or loathe it, my current life depends way too much on devices; WFH for hours on my laptop, checking the phone for yet more work updates, food delivery rider whereabouts, keeping in touch with my family, buying essentials aaaaand so on…it makes coming back to the laptop to blog seems like a chore. Plus I’ve recently been actively journaling in my Gratitute Journal so sharing my personal thoughts and opinions online becomes redundant. And may I also say, irrelavant? Since I’m turning more & more private as I get older.

Yet anyways, I like to dedicate this blogpost to all the blooms and the babies I’ve been blessed enough to have got during this bleak time of our lives. Some were bought fresh from the neighbourhood supermarket, some fresh from local florists online. Either way, I am genuinely thankful for all of these pretty flowers for turning our little home a little prettier & more cosy. 😊

with free KOSE serum samples
18(+1, thank you Happy Bunch!) red roses bouquet for our anniversary in May.
my post-Covid recovery petite bunch
Belated birthday flowers from mom. 🥰
On my birthday last year, just right before finding out we got Covid. Bittersweet.

If you’re still here reading this, I wish you a safe, sane and healthy days ahead. May better things happen to the Earth & humanity, soon. 🙏

Happy Hopscotch’s ‘When Life Throws You Lemon…’box

The last time I reviewed a Happy Hopscotch’s subscription box, I didn’t do much justice to it. So here it is; my second box subscribed from them. Keep on reading to find out more. 👇

FREE personalised message card. In this case, a birthday card. 🎂

Back in April last year, HH offered me a discount code for future subscription. But with 2020 being 2020, I kept the offer way until late November when my birthday was around the corner. I chose the Signature 4-box Plan (NP: rm360) and shamelessly tipped them that my birthday’s gonna be in early December.

Well my shameless-ness paid off! Because not only the box arrived with a Happy Birthday card, they were also sweet enough to include an extra item as an early birthday present for me. Aww thank you so much guys! 😊

A two-sided pink scarf with pom-pom trimmings, thoughtfully wrapped in white tissue paper & tied with string, with the handwritten ‘Happy Birthday’ note.
‘When Life Throws You Lemon…’ 🍋is the theme for HH’s Joy in a Box for the final quarter of 2020.

Now let’s dig in the box; apart from the free birthday present & message card, this dusty pink box contains 6 items;

1. GO BASIX Flourless Pancake Mix in Almond Original (105g)

2. Projek sembang-sembang notepad&envelope AND pink ‘Everything is gonna be okay’ bookmark

3. Hello Pfft handmade face mask

4. Yellow lemon squishy

5. Colourful pastel stationery kit

6. 3x mini Wicket Candles.

I had fun with this box. I’m looking forward to the next Joy in a Box which gonna come out in late January. I wonder what the theme will be…..😉

Subscribed to isolation

Happiness in a box. More on this “Malaysia mari” subscription box later

Dear friends,

How are you all coping with your current situation? In my last post, I was on Day 7 of MCO. Right now as I’m writing this; I am on Day 23 of MCO, which has been extended to 14th April as opposed to the original end day of 31st March.(UPDATE: Phase 3 of MCO is extended to 28/4)

Being a self-proclaimed introvert; I admit I was initially okay with the idea of being home 24/7 for 14 days. After all I’m used to enjoying my own company; be it dining alone in a neighbourhood restaurant or catching up on emails with my black coffee on a Saturday morning in the kitchen.

However, days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to a month. And the reality of being ‘forced’ to stay home with VERY minimal outings and physical social interactions eventually reached my limits. More than ever I realised now how social we human beings are, introvert or extrovert.

Yes I enjoy dining alone, in a restaurant full of people and staffs I can say thanks to. Yes I prefer working out alone than with a workout buddy, but in a gym filled with gym members from all walks of life I could say hi to. Yes I choose doing my own things over gossiping with collagues at work; but I now desperately want to see all their faces, at their respective workspaces, yet still choose not to go over their desk and catch up on latest work gossip.

I miss physical social interactions.

Please do not get me wrong; in no way I am whining. On the contrary, I AM aware of how blessed I currently am. I still have a roof over my head, have three meals a day and knowing every single family member of mine is safe. For these I am thankful.

Since we’re on the subject of isolation, may I ask; what do you guys do for fun? After you’re with WFH/homeschooling/cooking/doing chores for the day that’s it?

Me? Oh, I still keep my coffee subscription with Perk active. Now that I have to WFH and got nowhere to go, of course I need a steady supply of caffein!

Perk Coffee subscription; got this FREE coffee journal + fridge magnet on my 3rd month with them.

Remember that dusty-pink box earlier in this post? That’s a Happy Hopscotch subcription box I ordered online on late March. FYI, this isn’t a self-isolation shopping. Rather, HH is a local subscription service I’d been wanting to try since January. Unfortunately back then they got a problem with the payment service so I kept HH on the back seat….until recently.

I tried out their one-time subscription box. (It’ll be cheaper if you subscribe to the 2-box or 4-box plans) For RM120, I got;

HH March/Apr 2020 Box; RM120. 5 items + 1 free earthcare talc powder from the team

5 items in Box of Joyful Wishes

The free gift has already expired though😶

Until then, stay safe❤


Twenty nine (Part 2)

It’s February 29th again!

Can you believe this time, four years ago was a leap day? Yep I even have a blogpost about it. It was 29th February 2016, just a couple weeks since I started this blog.

I hope we’ll get to be here again in 2024, four years later. We are still early in the year 2020, we’ll see how the rest of the year goes.

bijibiji Striped Bucket Bag, proudly and ethically made in Malaysia. With locally owned Brew&Bread iced latte.

Happy February,



I cannot leave 2019 without showcasing some awesome photos I’ve taken throughout this year, which initially were meant for blog posts. Then, as clichè as it sounds; it’s suddenly the last day of the year. Thus waste not the few remaining hours we still got, `till 2020 comes. Let’s feast these eyes with some visual stimulations starting with; (Keep scrolling. It gets better, I promise)

Beauty products:

Sunscreens I used this year; can you guess which one is my favourite?

EDPs and facial mists are my life’s little luxury…

FINALLY got to finish up the LUSH reusable bubble bar wand I bought in Christmas ’18

The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser bought online from CultBeauty UK. Bought late Feb, finished late Dec

H&M Beauty dual brush(rm39.90); to replace my old-ass essence pink blusher brush.

Can you believe this tin is already a decade old since I bought it?

My skincare+stuffs are all sorted out, in IKEA transparent organizer (rm59) bought in Dec .

Food and everything else

My birthday cake this year! Pandan Gula Melaka by Gula Cakery (rm191)

A cup of hot latte, anyone?

That time I really pig out and had this all to myself. July 2019

Because meal-prepping is so time consuming😆 My first DIETMONSTA order back in Nov, 2019. Gotta say, I prefer their Muscle Gain Meals though

FREE large frappe from SF Coffee, coz I’m their good customer who collected all ten stamps☕

Hey there Mr. and Mrs. Planty!

Happy new year, guys!


This year, do more.

How pretty is my latte? Apparently, after reading too much of Adventurous Kate blog on my last holiday, I’m pretty much influenced by how the lady boss behind the travel blog, Kate McCulley hunts for coffee in every city and town she travels to. Particularly small, independently-owned local cafes. With that, since late last year I’ve embarked on my ‘New Year mission‘ to discover as many local cafes (some call it hipster cafe?) as I could in 2018. Little did I know, there are indeed abundant of cool and cute cafes around, even a couple of good ones that are barely 3km than where I live! I cannot believe I’ve never paid any attention to these little gems before! Sorry Coffee Bean & SF Coffee, you’ve had too much of my love already.

Anyways, that’s a cup of hot latte up there, which I had the pleasure of indulging in on one, drizzling evening at The Parque Cafe at Eco Sanctuary. Here are a few more Instagram-worthy coffees I’ve had to date, so far this year;

White Chocolate Latte, frespresso.

Hot mocha, Brew & Bread Coffee Roaster

Now, what’s better than a cup of coffee? A cup of coffee with a good book! Again, thanks to Kate, I’m taking up her challenge to try to read 12 books in 2018. If you asked me twelve years ago if I could ever finish reading 12 books within a year, the twenty year old me would shout ‘Yes!’ without hesitation. But now….hmm I’m honestly not sure if I am capable of this challenge. Which makes this even more interesting.

I’m not gonna pressure myself too much with my (former) love for reading so I go lax with the theme for this challenge; this year, I’ll read 12 books by 12 female authors.

The first book for this challenge is:

Time To Say Goodbye by Judith Gould. Avid readers out there, go ahead and burst out laughing. To those who aren’t as avid (me included), here’s a fact: Judith Gould, as feminine as the name suggests, is actually a pseudonym….of two men! I was already halfway the book when I discovered this fact. Ha! So does this book count? Well remember that I said that I’m not gonna pressure myself too much with this challenge? Since I’m the one who came out with the theme of this 12-books-challenge, I’d say; ‘Yes, Hanna honey. This counts too.’ 😉

By the way, this old book belongs to my sister. I found this fiction novel while doing a little bookshelf cleaning at my parents’ home two weeks ago. As I was almost done with Time To Say Goodbye, I bought a brand new debut novel by Samira Ahmed last Sunday. Gosh it’s been awhile since I bought a book! I’m looking forward for February filled with yet another book for me to read.

Have you read anything this month? Maybe a good read with a great cuppa? Let me know what you’ve been up to. Till then, 😉


2017 Favourites

Hi guys! I hope you had a great holiday, or at least a well-spent long weekend. We are now on the final day of 2017 and traditionally, I come up with this post dedicated to the best beauty products I love this year. Read on to find out:

1. Urban Decay VICE Lipstick in Ravenswood

Sometime in March, I went to Urban Decay store in Suria KLCC to get a VICE lipstick in Unicorn for a friend’s birthday gift. “Why not get one for myself? And see why everyone has been raving about this range of lippie.” I thought to myself. Oh my, that is officially the best impulse buy I’ve done this year! It’s creamy, stays on well up to four hours even after eating lunch & gulping water every half and hour and the shade is MY kinda my-lips-but-better. Here’s me with a fresh coat of UD VICE Ravenswood lipstick:

2. Hado Labo Hydrating Lotion (Light)

With good advice from Gio , I eliminate toners completely from my skincare routine, and from my drawers. Apart from suitable moisturisers, I’ve been using this hydrating lotion from Hada Labo since last year and never look back. While the original Hydrating Lotion is popular and I can see why, this light version suits my acne prone/combination skin more. I love how it preps my skin for my serum and moisturiser to be absorbed.

3. MOOGOO Irritable Skin Balm

Since we are on the subject of moisturization, here’ s my fave body moisturiser/lotion for eczema. While it may not magically make your eczema disappear, it at least soothes my daugther’s itchy and Sahara dry skin. As for me, I usually go for this tube whenever my in between toes & fingers get super dry.

However bear in mind that it may not work when your skin is weepy*, nor may it work for everyone with eczema as like I always stress on, each and every eczema-skin is unique and different.

4. essence Mosaic Blush

Dirt cheap (barely twenty bucks). A pretty geometric pan of blusher. Gives a pretty glow on my cheeks. Need I even say more?

5. REVLON Ultra Volume Mascara

I loved the All-in-One Ultimate from the REVLON range of mascaras in 2016. This year, my ultimate love goes to one of its sister, REVLON ULTRA VOLUME Mascara. Don’t you just love the pink-and-black combo of the product packaging? But seriously, this is one heck of a good product I’ve invested in this year.

What are you favourite beauty products this year? 😊 Have a great new year’s eve and see you in 2018!


Side note: This House Brew with Milk from POP’s Eatery is the best coffee I had last week!

Let December comes


The last month of the year. The last remaining few weeks of 2017. The last chance, before 2018 greets us. 

For me, December is simply my favourite month in all of twelve months. Well hey it’s my birthday! Coincidently, my daughter’s birthday falls in early December, a couple of days early from mine. So it’s no surprise that for four years now, we’ve been sharing birthday cakes and celebrations. 😁

December is also the time when I usually stock up on beauty supplies. Ah, those pretty holiday sets and stuffs, coupled with ‘birthday reward’ and special ‘birthday discounts’ whatnot. My wallet hurts the most during this festive time of the year. Haha! 

December babies be like…

Seize the last days of 2017 before the new year comes.


Hey October!

Screw negativity! Since July, some negative things have been taking over my life, it’s apparent from my recent posts on this blog. But for once, why don’t we focus on the positive aspects of life instead? So this is why this post is up right now; the highlights of the fun stuffs that I’ve been up to these days; 😁

When the flower matches your shoes.

1. I know nothing about gardening but when I was assigned to attend some sorta gardening event last month, I took pictures of all the pretty flowers they have, like this one. All guests received a goodie bag (Yay!) which contained several items including…a bag of soil. Yes, soil. I wasn’t exactly sure how to process my thought upon holding that heavy plastic bag filled with fresh dark-coloured soil but I was 100% sure who would be thrilled to get that goodie. (You are welcome, Mom!)

2. I’m a coffee addict so when Nando’s have this limited-time free Americano with 2 pieces of brownies offer, of course I’ve HAD TO redeem it. I don’t really have a sweet tooth (I’m more of a kerepek & salty chips kinda girl) so I initially wasn’t excited with those brownies. But look closer guys, can you see those red chilli flakes sprinkled on top of the brownies? 👇 Interesting! 

3. Since we are on the subject of food, have you tried sugar-free peanut butter? This PB with no added sugar from yogood is my current favourite! 

Just like any other good PBs, this is just as rich, creamy, peanut-y but sans the sweetness of sugar. No problem at all, as there are so many ways to have fun with PB sans sugar. I usually spread it on wholemeal breads topped with banana slices for breakfast, or have cut fuji apples to dip this peanut butter with as in-between-meal snack. That’s natural sweetness plus wholesome goodness in your food! 

How do you have your PB? Do share your ideas with me here so we all could continue having fun while eating healthily. Until then,