Subscribed to isolation

Happiness in a box. More on this “Malaysia mari” subscription box later

Dear friends,

How are you all coping with your current situation? In my last post, I was on Day 7 of MCO. Right now as I’m writing this; I am on Day 23 of MCO, which has been extended to 14th April as opposed to the original end day of 31st March.(UPDATE: Phase 3 of MCO is extended to 28/4)

Being a self-proclaimed introvert; I admit I was initially okay with the idea of being home 24/7 for 14 days. After all I’m used to enjoying my own company; be it dining alone in a neighbourhood restaurant or catching up on emails with my black coffee on a Saturday morning in the kitchen.

However, days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to a month. And the reality of being ‘forced’ to stay home with VERY minimal outings and physical social interactions eventually reached my limits. More than ever I realised now how social we human beings are, introvert or extrovert.

Yes I enjoy dining alone, in a restaurant full of people and staffs I can say thanks to. Yes I prefer working out alone than with a workout buddy, but in a gym filled with gym members from all walks of life I could say hi to. Yes I choose doing my own things over gossiping with collagues at work; but I now desperately want to see all their faces, at their respective workspaces, yet still choose not to go over their desk and catch up on latest work gossip.

I miss physical social interactions.

Please do not get me wrong; in no way I am whining. On the contrary, I AM aware of how blessed I currently am. I still have a roof over my head, have three meals a day and knowing every single family member of mine is safe. For these I am thankful.

Since we’re on the subject of isolation, may I ask; what do you guys do for fun? After you’re with WFH/homeschooling/cooking/doing chores for the day that’s it?

Me? Oh, I still keep my coffee subscription with Perk active. Now that I have to WFH and got nowhere to go, of course I need a steady supply of caffein!

Perk Coffee subscription; got this FREE coffee journal + fridge magnet on my 3rd month with them.

Remember that dusty-pink box earlier in this post? That’s a Happy Hopscotch subcription box I ordered online on late March. FYI, this isn’t a self-isolation shopping. Rather, HH is a local subscription service I’d been wanting to try since January. Unfortunately back then they got a problem with the payment service so I kept HH on the back seat….until recently.

I tried out their one-time subscription box. (It’ll be cheaper if you subscribe to the 2-box or 4-box plans) For RM120, I got;

HH March/Apr 2020 Box; RM120. 5 items + 1 free earthcare talc powder from the team

5 items in Box of Joyful Wishes

The free gift has already expired though😶

Until then, stay safe❤


Home. Due to Covid-19

Pantai Morib, Selangor. Early March 2020

Friends, can we all remember how different the world was just a month ago? As I’m writing this I am at home, on Day 7 from the 14-day Movement Control Order. That’s one week. It’s an order by the government of Malaysia as an attempt to contain, or at least slow down the infection of Coronavirus in this country.

I’m sure I am not the only one. I am sure, you who are reading this are also on MCO, or partial-lockdown, or total-lockdown, or curfew….. whatever they call it in your country. We are all in this together. For humanity’s sake.

But if you aren’t home because you got to go to work in essential services during this trying time; Thank You for your services and your sacrifice. May you be protected by God. 💕



Aida with her grandma. 

Happy New Year 2020!

Sunrise in Bukit Bintang, KL during a recent family staycation.

I have a lot to be thankful for, particularly for my daughter’s improving health condition from April ’19 onwards. So here’s hoping in 2020, our health continues to flourish so that we could live life, fully.


Birthday beauties; 2018

How come it’s ALREADY December?! Last time I was here, I was lamenting about the long hard/easy journey of weight loss…. in July. Now it’s less than two weeks to 2019. Whoa!

But first, LUSH Cosmetics is finally here! Heck yes 💖 I managed to visit the store in Pavilion KL last Sunday. Look at these colourful bath bombs! 👇

They’ve only been here for two months but I’ve already heard mixed opinions about the price range from fellow Malaysians. Some say it’s reasonably priced yet some thinks otherwise. Personally, I had prepared myself with the fact that LUSH products aren’t gonna be cheap. I’m not gonna compare it with LUSH UK price range, which I was familiar with back when I swapped for LUSH like crazy almost a decade ago. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for some of the price tags when I was at the Pavilion store last week. RM90 bath bomb? Phew~

But overall I do feel the prices here are reasonable. Our Malaysian Ringgit hasn’t been strong these past few years to be honest. In the end, I walked out of the store with a Square Tin (RM20), 150g Golden Pear soap (RM45) and a reusable Bubble Bar Magic Wand (RM60) in my brown paper bag. *Big grin!*

With December being my birthday month, yesterday this birthday girl received a lovely birthday package from a long-time friend from Poland;

Yes, the picture is upside down and no, I can’t edit it. I need a new phone. Lol! I’m so sorry Joanna. For ruining this otherwise a beautiful image of my birthday presents.

My friend Joanna is so nice to get me my favourite Urban Decay VICE lipstick in Ravenswood. And my favourite PALMER’S Daily Calming Facial Lotion. Actually she sent me the moisturizer last month when I told her I couldn’t find it anywhere ever since I finished mine last year.

The rest are cute extras; some perfume samples, ESTEE LAUDER mini mascara, 2in1 mask, 10ml body lotion and a deoball.

She also sent some lovely birthday presents for my daughter too; a t-shirt & hair clips. Thank you!

Now, excuse me while I’m having fun with my birthday goodies…🎁



I sing and stand up to Negaraku almost on a weekly basis. The national anthem never fails to exude emotions from deep within me, no matter how much I’ve listened and sang along to it.

However, today was different.


This morning, right after Subuh and between my milk coffee, I had the urge to grab my earphones, my phone and searched for Negaraku video on Youtube.

It didn’t take long for my eyes to well-up and warm tears slowly fell down on my cheeks. My dry morning lips formed a smile as more tears fell.

Never have I felt this moved by Negaraku post General Election.

Let December comes


The last month of the year. The last remaining few weeks of 2017. The last chance, before 2018 greets us. 

For me, December is simply my favourite month in all of twelve months. Well hey it’s my birthday! Coincidently, my daughter’s birthday falls in early December, a couple of days early from mine. So it’s no surprise that for four years now, we’ve been sharing birthday cakes and celebrations. 😁

December is also the time when I usually stock up on beauty supplies. Ah, those pretty holiday sets and stuffs, coupled with ‘birthday reward’ and special ‘birthday discounts’ whatnot. My wallet hurts the most during this festive time of the year. Haha! 

December babies be like…

Seize the last days of 2017 before the new year comes.


Bengkel Kecantikan bersama Jelita X Nu Skin

There was once a fashion workshop and then a beauty workshop I’ve been to years ago. But I’ve never been to any skincare-focused beauty workshop. So when Jelita mag partnered with Nu Skin, an international skincare brand to bring a beauty workshop in October 21st, I gave it try. 

It was held in a small, cosy hall in Sunway Putra Hotel (formerly known as The Legend Hotel, if my 12 year old self remember correctly. Post UPSR hi-tea wey!) For RM20, I didn’t expect to be fed with breakfast but refreshments were served for workshop participants anyway.

I had tea since I already had a light breakfast before I left home that morning. (Truth: I had no idea how to use the coffee machine and no one was around to help me out. Sobs!) 

The workshop was mostly presented by Eva, the representative from Nu Skin with silky hair and flawless skin. Of course, as expected from a skincare company. 😘 She first introduced us to the four types of facial skin; normal, dry, oily and combination. Pretty basic, I’d say. But what makes her presentation interesting is how she relates these skin types with “surfaces”. Have smooth, white hard-boiled egg in mind? That’s what normal skin should look like. As I was thinking of my combination skin lookalike canvas, Eva moved on to this slide;

Yep. Oranges. 

I do have visibly large pores as long as I could remember. 

The slot continues to its main subject; their newly launched product, Nu Skin ageLOC device. I have sensitive skin and it kinda whispered to my ear NOT to mess around with random skincares, let alone a device pressed onto my skin. However, I was sandwiched between two ladies who didn’t feel like taking off their makeup so I willingly became the guinea pig. After all, isn’t this my first skincare workshop? My face can deal with potential breakouts later.

I tried out the device and some of the skincares provided on each table. Those two ladies were sweet enough to help me out during the hands-on part (Thanks, girls. You guys should’ve joined in the fun!)  I also tried out the sunblock but I’m afraid it’s a little too thick for me. Soon enough, my face started to sweat and I had to apply some powder and blusher back on my now bare face. The workshop ended just in time for lunch. Again, for just RM20 to attend this workshop, I didn’t expect that lunch would be provided but oh my, how were treated to scrumptious buffet of salads, rice and dessert! Yum! 

Every participant brought home a goodie bag filled with Nu Skin NaPCA moisture mist & a tube of hand lotion.

Oil-slick facade post skincare playtime. Haha!

Hotel restroom selfie! I rarely go to hotels so please give this old lady a chance. 😜