|Review|NARS Orgasm blusher

NARS Orgasm blusher

I know, I know. I’m at least a decade late in the Orgasm game haha. I remember how everyone raved about this blusher on blogsphere back in 2009-ish, back when NARS stores weren’t even available in Malaysia. Now we got a NARS boutique right next to Urban Decay (I think) in Suria KLCC. What a lot of difference a decade brings.

£20.83 when I bought it online from Cult Beauty, Sep ’20.

This is my first time using this blusher extensively and I have no idea if this one I have shares the same formulation or quality with previous Orgasms, so I cannot compare. But do I like this Orgasm? I love it. ❤ I’d say this maintains its reputation as the most complementing blusher shade for many skintones. I like how I ‘glow’ with Orgasm on. Love it! ❤

Will I repurchase? Well I won’t say I won’t, especially if NARS keeps the same quality for this OG Orgasm. Plus these days shopping for NARS or any other makeup brands locally is accessible; in stores or online. 😘

Meanwhile, while Orgasm is all fun, flirty & flattering I still play with cheap & equally fun blushers once in a while; like this Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour from Catrice. ☝️While the blusher isn’t as nicely shimmered & glowing as NARS Orgasm, the cool geometrical pad of product was the very reason I grabbed this baby during the guradian Buy1Free1 makeup haul.

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