LUSH Random Act of Kindness

Standing pretty

I love LUSH! D’uh I always do. But last September haul from their Malaysia online store makes me love them even more. ❤❤ I don’t really remember my reasons for shopping for LUSH that time; urm….I don’t remember any sales nor free shipping promo they were having at that time. Guess it’s one of those concious online haul I made from my beloved brand after months of lockdown & Covid scare in 2021.

My original order consists of 1x soap stack of Honey… & Karma wrapped beautifully in blue-and-orange Knot Wrap, a box of ROSE and a tube of Conga shower jelly. I’ve since finished using every of these products and yeahh of course I love, love “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” soap! Not so much love for Karma though I do love how both soaps were moisturizing.

Box full of LUSH goodness!

Remember I said earlier about how this order makes me love them even more? That’s coz they included not one but TWO free full-sized products as a Random Act of Kindess! Aww how sweet. I couldn’t really finish the Bubblegum lip scrub, boo-hoo my small lips. 🤪 But really, the size of my lips has nothing to do with Bubblegum. I just don’t use lip scrubs in general.

Similarly, the bottle of Eau Roma Water wasn’t successfully finished too. For a start, it’s a generous bottle of 250ml of regally rose-scented toner water. Secondly, the one they sent me as R.A.O.K got only several months before expiry date. In the end, I used this spray-mist water enough to come to a conclusion that this toner water can be drying to my skin and no, I’m still not a fan of rose-scented facial products.

Overall, I’m still so glad for these two RAOK products they sent me. And yes y’all…I’m also thankful for my lips too, regardless of what size they are. 🙏

I said I’m not into rose-scented beauty products, not the actual flower. 🌹

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