ecoTOOLS Six Piece Starter Set brushes

Since 2009, I’ve been using a few makeup brushes from ecoTOOLS, particularly their fluffy, super-soft with bamb00-handled blusher brush. I remember buying it from SHINS online store and to be honest, no other blusher brush is as good as this one from ecoTOOLS, a beauty brand that’s cruelty free and respecful towards the environment.

In late January, as I was looking for new brushes to replace my long-trusted ones, I look no further than a SHINS boutique, which is conveniently located in a neighbouring mall, merely 10 minutes drive from my place. Thank you God! =D

Apparently, ecoTOOLS has several sets of brushes, complete with enticing ‘free gifts’. If you ask the younger me, I’d definitely go for the prettiest set regardless of its price but years of impulsed buying taught me the hard way that a pretty, limited edition purple-coloured brush handle doesn’t equal effective performance of the brushes. So this time around, I went for the SIX PIECE STARTER SET, which supposedly meant for “the simply natural look.”

Products descriptions and basic guides

The six-piece consists of a concealer brush, eye shading brush, angled liner, lash & brow groomer, the fat and fluffy blush brush and of course, a cosmetic bag. I already have a can for storing all my brushes so the cosmetic bag serves more as a temporary purse than a cosmetic bag for me. =D

Retailed at RM99, I bought this with an extra 20% off from SHINS boutique. ecoTOOLS brushes and other products are also available online on SHINS Malaysia website as well as ecoTOOLS official website. 

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