Yes December went by

Goodbye 2020!

Mostly because of the fact that I got COVID. There I said it.

While I’m thankful for a good start in my birthday month, things went down south real quick. I remember spending the first week of December celebrating quietly both my daugther’s & my birthdays.

Then nightmares started from the 2nd week; first with being down with mild fever for a few days and ended 2020 with welcoming the new year from our room window on the 4th floor of the Covid-19 quarantine centre. Phew!

Simply put, it is all a humbling experience which I honestly am not fond of remembering over and over again. Even though I believe I do come back stronger and my experience could help others who are dealing with similar situations. 🙏

Now that I’ve put this out there, I will get back to posting ‘normal’ stuffs this blog has been used to, real soon.

Stay safe & COVID free everyone!

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