|Review|  “that gal” 

Remember “that gal”? She’s the one I once fell in love with for several years, but she kept breaking promises I fell out of love with her. However, recently I got the feeling that we’ve reconciled.

By now I’m sure you all know what I am talking about. Yes, “that gal” is actually a brightening face primer from benefit cosmetics that could make you  go from dull to darling. The funny thing is, this so called primer in reality is more of a highlighter. You’ll be disappointed if you wish “that gal” could let your foundation stay put. Well it couldn’t. 

So what I do with this product is, I apply a thin layer over my dry cheeks, oily nose and chin but I skip the forehead. It is the area which my face is the most oily. Then I apply pressed face powder & blusher. “that gal” is lovely when worn alone on a bare face. But if you’re on the oilier side this product may result to a shiny face. Eww.

The reason I grabbed this product recently because, now that I’m getting back on my makeup routine, I need more than just a face powder & a blusher. I’m not blessed with glowing skin and since I used to wear “that gal” before, I give her the second chance instead of getting into the hassle of shopping for another primer I’ve never tried. In addition, as a SEPHORA Black cardmember I’d get more than just a gal. Ha! 

And another thing….Ta-daa!!!

Seeing double? Your eyes don’t fool you, indeed you are seeing TWO gals here. The blue one is a limited edition 2012 London Olympics. I found her while doing a makeup spring cleaning last week. Somehow I just couldn’t throw this limited, one of a kind “that gal” .

Have you tried out “that gal”? Do you have any tips when using this gal? Let me know because good things are meant to be shared. 

|Review| Vinyl eyes

Liquid eyeliners. So tricky yet oh so cool when done precisely. You need nothing less than a pair of steady hands, elbows planted firmly on steady surface and of course, a proper mirror. 

The classic me hardly spend a lot on mascaras and eyeliners. I’d rather invest in my contact-lens-wearing-eyes to expensive wands and liners with only 3 months of lifespand. But this stila high shine liquid vinyl eye liner is only RM29 when I grabbed it from a Sephora clearance shelf. What a steal! 

The colour is violet but from this swatch on the back of my wrist, it’s clearly dark enough to be mistaken as black, which is fairly natural enough for my dark skintone. But look closely for the second time, you will see the dark deep purple lines with vinyl shine effect. Cool!

Blush my lips

When it comes to lips, I admit I’m rather shy to let my lips “shout”. For years, I had been steadily stocking on neutrals and nudes for my lip products. The main reason is purely practical; I’m a sweat queen thus heavy products on my lips cause me to sweat even more around my lips. Eww.

However, lately I’m beginning to screw that and just wanna have fun instead. Good eye makeup or flawless face take much, much longer time to achieve don’t you agree? Let’s just put on lipstick and your face is all dolled up! That’s what got me into purchasing this bright pink essence lipstick in Blush My Lips, shade no. 12. I myself was quite surprised with how it turns out just nice on me. Not only that, Blush My Lips is a perfect match to my pink hijab that I wore on the second day of Syawal holiday! 

Ah, that’s my precious little Aida. She is my strong little eczema warrior. Hopefully I’ll write more about her long battle with eczema in Mascaras & Motherhood. Stay tuned! 😊

BOURJOIS Baked Blusher


Baked stuffs are always good. Baked cheese rice, baked beans, even baked blushers. For my birthday last December, a friend sent me this blusher as a present since I told her back then that I was in need of a good blusher.

BOURJOIS Baked Blusher in 15 Rose Éclat is pigmented and (very) slightly shimmery. I use my essence blusher brush to apply this on my cheeks. The result is gorgeously natural. I’m in love!

KATE Long Lash Mascara


KATE Cosmetics has been around for as long as I could remember. It’s one of those Japanese drugstore brands that are easily available nationwide. However, unlike other Japanese or Korean cosmetics with cutesy packaging, KATE is more on the edgier side. With Nakashima Mika as the former face of KATE, no less.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that I finally purchase a KATE product for the first time. I chose the Long Lash non-waterproof mascara in BK-1. I’m a mascara maniac, remember? So if I had to try a new brand I’m interested in, it has got to be an ever trusted tube of mascara.

The slim yet slightly curled wand with tiny bristles really helps to separate lashes. Unfortunately, the product clumps up in no time. I remember only after a month of using the mascara that dried, black flakes started to clump around the edges of the tube. We all know what clumpy mascaras do to our lashes, don’t we?

Maybe it’s the sleek, architectural black packaging, maybe it’s the ‘No More Rules’ cool-girl attitude, or maybe both factors are what made me had high hope for this mascara. I’m sorry long lashed KATE, I’m afraid my lashes and you won’t hang out together anymore after this.

Rub That Scrub


It has been ages ago since I went to a spa for a full body pampering session. In fact, it was exactly three years ago that I had my whole body scrubbed by a pair of firm but gentle hands of a Balinese masseuse. Oh, how I wish to have such luxury again . . .

That memory was the reason I took this tub of Body Salt Scrub from Good Virtues Co.  They have several ranges of products but this one is from the Radiant & Renewing range. Like any other Good Virtues Co. products, this salt scrub is ridiculously affordable especially when it’s on sale at Watson’s.

The product is pretty decent for my skin when used once a week. Unfortunately, I believe it is not friendly enough for sensitive skin. My palms started to develop contact-dermatitis about two years ago and as a result, from time to time rashes & itchiness appear especially on the edges of my right fingers. It happens when the skin on the areas of my palms are in contact with certains soaps, laundry detergents and even dishwashers. And my, how my palms sting when I scooped up some Skin Renewal & Lightening Body Salt Scrub. Ouch! This is honestly such a letdown for a brand that claims they only use “ingredients that are safe and respecful to all, and treat our planet and its people with dignity“. Surely there must be some irritating chemicals in this product. How else can it explain my recurring contact-dermatitis during my course of using this product? Oh, they also claim that all their products are “free from SLES, ALES, Parabens and Synthetic Colourants“. Double letdown.

If you do not suffer from sensitive skin like I do, this beautiful tub of salt scrub might do good for your dull skin. Let me know what you think about this product if you’ve tried it.

SUNPLAY Sunscreen


Be honest folks, do you wear suncreen as routinely as you brush your teeth daily? I wasn’t, to be painfully honest. For years I had been dealing with oily skin. So I took that as an excuse not wear suncreen as it would only clog up my already congested pores. Oh, it also caused my makeup to disappear faster too.

But then ,something happened; I turned 30. And suddenly, my oil-drenched skin turned dry and felt sandpapery. So now I have to treat my aging skin rather kindly, which has been neglegted for the past couple of years. Now, I make it a point to always, always apply suncreen before heading out of the house, especially when the sun is fierce. Some days I may skip the mascara or the blusher, but not the sunscreen. Ever.

I’m currently using SUNPLAY SKIN AQUA UV Watery Gel suncreen. I’ve always been using SUNPLAY products for as long as I could remember. I used to wear the Whitening one. But now my main concern is protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays. Plus, I believe that UV Watery Gel with SOLAREX-3 technology is an advanced & improved formulation compared to the blue-and-white SUNPLAY bottle I’d been using years ago.

Now that I’m treating my poor skin the way it deserves to be treated, I hope I do look my age and that people no longer mistaken me for someone who is 35. Or 40. Yikes!

Maybelline COLORsensational lipstick in Summer Sunset


Here’s something about me, I’m not a lipcolour person. Especially when my workplace is almost non air-conditioned, which makes wearing liquids or creams or glosses uncomfortable. But ever since I got my hands on those Golden Rose matte lipsticks, I’m now a convert! Sure, lipsticks always leave their marks on cups and tissues. They need to be reapply again and again. But isn’t that exactly the fun of being a woman? I bet anyone who is reading this right now agrees with me when I say twisting up a lippie, glide it on your lips and later smack them is a natural thing to do for women.


Since I just got a couple of matte lipsticks, I looked out for something that isn’t matte yet not glittery either. That’s how I got this Maybelline COLORsensational  in 615 Summer Sunset. Despite its name; the colour of this product is far from summery. Instead it’s a natural chocolatey-berry with a little sheen. If that makes sense.

I love wearing Summer Sunset when I feel like going for a little colour. It’s creamy and moisturizing enough for me to skip wearing lipbalm because let’s face it, when you sweats a lot like me, a lipbalm+lipstick+lipgloss combo would be too hard to handle.

Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks


Oh, It’s April already. While others welcomed the end of March for spring to arrive, or at least hoping that the cold winter calms down, here I am in Klang Valley, constantly sweating like it’s 36°C. Because honey, it is 36°C outside! Yes, unfortunately we’ve been getting this incredibly hot weather since early January. If you’re wondering why the malls are always packed, now you know why.

Because of this crazy heat, I wear less and less makeup. Sad. I know. But why waste 20 minutes in front of the mirror putting on makeup, only to have it ruined by sweats 5 minutes later? So as tempting as it is, due to practicality I have to skip the glosses and the liners. Sigh…

Thank goodness for matte lipsticks. Here are two Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks my dear friend from Poland sent me. Unlike lip glosses, which can be so unflattering when you lips are surrounded by sweats (I find upper lip sweat is just as gross as upper lip hair), matte lippies like these are heat resistant. Well, at least for me.

Velvet Matte in 02 is great for that natural look while 31 is pale and nude, perfect for pairing with strong, smokey eyes. I haven’t done smokey eyes for years so I’m currrently on Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipstick in 02 almost every day. Because every girl needs a little dose of colour everyday, doesn’t she?

Urban Decay NAKED palette



Remember when the Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadow palette made its debut? Beauty junkies everywhere from blogspheres to Budapest raaaaved about this palette that bares it all. As for me, I didn’t cave in until about two years later, when NAKED was already being evershadowed by her sister NAKED 2.

I got this palette from Sephora in autumn 2013. I was in my second trimester, and was on a makeup madness phase (to make up for the past six months of morning sickness.
No pun intended). It was a treat for myself  before the baby arrived. It’s NAKED for me instead of NAKED 2 because after swatching both testers, I feel like my warm tone suits NAKED more.

I may not use these eyeshadows religiously these days, but the palette is still there, sitting pretty on the desk in my bedroom at my parents’. Perfect for neutral looks I’m going for whenever I’m out with my family back home.

What about you? Do you have a NAKED palette? Or any favourite Urban Decay NAKED product?