benefit Hoola Caramel & GALifornia Box-o-Powders

I swear I’ve sworn off benefit. For years I hadn’t bought anything from the brand I fell hard for in my mid-20s. It just happened organically; as I grew older, I grew less and less fond of this brand which tend to overhype their basic products with funky (unnecessary) packaging and “premium” price range. Plus with more commitments coming along, I simply have to economise and find cheaper alternatives. So I didn’t pay attention to this brand, until Cult Beauty came out with a 20% off promo in late January for benefit products. Oh-kay.

GALifornia blusher (full size), 5.0g. 22.50GBP on Cult Beauty UK

From what I could remember, benefit box-o-powders used to be around 12g-18g worth of products for RM125. Now I bought this (on sale) for 22.50GBP, and it’s like, five grams of blusher. Really, benefit? Sure, GALifornia has a cool-looking box with a groovy 70s vibe and the blusher is embossed with pretty sun pattern and I gotta admit, it is a lovely blusher that brigthens my cheeks. But, five.grams.of.product. For over RM125.

Hoola Caramel, 8.0g. 22.50GBP (price on promo)

Meanwhile, they’re a little generous with Hoola Caramel, a sister bronzer of Hoola and Dallas (I think). For the same price, it has 8 grams worth of product. It may be a bronzer but it’s good enough for me to be used as matte face powder especially if I go overboard with my sunscreen. I don’t really use this product often though.

Both GALifornia and Hoola Caramel come with a cute blusher brush but they’re useless. I’m much more comfortable using my H&M Beauty dual brush so I gave away these mini brushes as toys to Aida.

Are you a benefit fan? What’s your favourite blusher / bronzer ?

LUSH and love❤

In August, I had an unplanned LUSH mini haul. Unplanned because I was actually driving my way to Kajang but due to a road closure I wasn’t aware of, I suddenly found myself in Jalan Bukit Bintang. Ah, serendipity~

I really enjoyed my haul last December and with 5 empty pots ready to be exchanged for a free Fresh Face Mask, I had a wishlist set since January of LUSH products I wish for. Wishlist was written, yet it wasn’t implemented when I went to LUSH Pavilion by accident that day. However, I went home happily with four products; a 45g pot of my favourite Dream Cream,

A lil’ over a month later, I finished both soaps but Aromaco still got a lot left & looks like it’s here to stay for few months more.

|Review| The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream moisturiser

RM70. Purchased online with Birthday Discount.

I was looking for a new face moisturiser on the start of the nationwide MCO in late March. Armed with 25% off discount code, I checked out TBS mobile app as back then, The Body Shop MY was one of the few brands that were able to operate online during MCO.

Apart from this moisturiser, I also got myself some loofahs & a bottle of British Rose hand soap (❤ it!)

While I really love the moisturizing hand soap (or gel? wash?) and definitely would love to repurchase, I can’t say the same for the Vitamin E moisturiser. It’s way too sticky for my skin. The scent is decent but not enough to tempt me to use it And twice a day? Nope. My skin was sweaty and ‘heaty’ once the cream was applied, as if it never set on my skin.

Turns out, this product is way too rich for my skin, especially in this hot & humid Malaysian weather I’m in. Now I use it as neck cream instead.

BTW, how lovely is that (somewhat wilted) pink rose? ⚘ It’s part of the flower bouquet I got myself last week. 😄 It’s 2020 guys, a woman can buy herself a bouquet of flowers to lift her mood so that it’s more WFH-friendly.

Flowers from Flower Chimp, RM99 with free card & delivery


Subscribed to isolation

Happiness in a box. More on this “Malaysia mari” subscription box later

Dear friends,

How are you all coping with your current situation? In my last post, I was on Day 7 of MCO. Right now as I’m writing this; I am on Day 23 of MCO, which has been extended to 14th April as opposed to the original end day of 31st March.(UPDATE: Phase 3 of MCO is extended to 28/4)

Being a self-proclaimed introvert; I admit I was initially okay with the idea of being home 24/7 for 14 days. After all I’m used to enjoying my own company; be it dining alone in a neighbourhood restaurant or catching up on emails with my black coffee on a Saturday morning in the kitchen.

However, days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to a month. And the reality of being ‘forced’ to stay home with VERY minimal outings and physical social interactions eventually reached my limits. More than ever I realised now how social we human beings are, introvert or extrovert.

Yes I enjoy dining alone, in a restaurant full of people and staffs I can say thanks to. Yes I prefer working out alone than with a workout buddy, but in a gym filled with gym members from all walks of life I could say hi to. Yes I choose doing my own things over gossiping with collagues at work; but I now desperately want to see all their faces, at their respective workspaces, yet still choose not to go over their desk and catch up on latest work gossip.

I miss physical social interactions.

Please do not get me wrong; in no way I am whining. On the contrary, I AM aware of how blessed I currently am. I still have a roof over my head, have three meals a day and knowing every single family member of mine is safe. For these I am thankful.

Since we’re on the subject of isolation, may I ask; what do you guys do for fun? After you’re with WFH/homeschooling/cooking/doing chores for the day that’s it?

Me? Oh, I still keep my coffee subscription with Perk active. Now that I have to WFH and got nowhere to go, of course I need a steady supply of caffein!

Perk Coffee subscription; got this FREE coffee journal + fridge magnet on my 3rd month with them.

Remember that dusty-pink box earlier in this post? That’s a Happy Hopscotch subcription box I ordered online on late March. FYI, this isn’t a self-isolation shopping. Rather, HH is a local subscription service I’d been wanting to try since January. Unfortunately back then they got a problem with the payment service so I kept HH on the back seat….until recently.

I tried out their one-time subscription box. (It’ll be cheaper if you subscribe to the 2-box or 4-box plans) For RM120, I got;

HH March/Apr 2020 Box; RM120. 5 items + 1 free earthcare talc powder from the team

5 items in Box of Joyful Wishes

The free gift has already expired though😶

Until then, stay safe❤


Home. Due to Covid-19

Pantai Morib, Selangor. Early March 2020

Friends, can we all remember how different the world was just a month ago? As I’m writing this I am at home, on Day 7 from the 14-day Movement Control Order. That’s one week. It’s an order by the government of Malaysia as an attempt to contain, or at least slow down the infection of Coronavirus in this country.

I’m sure I am not the only one. I am sure, you who are reading this are also on MCO, or partial-lockdown, or total-lockdown, or curfew….. whatever they call it in your country. We are all in this together. For humanity’s sake.

But if you aren’t home because you got to go to work in essential services during this trying time; Thank You for your services and your sacrifice. May you be protected by God. 💕



Aida with her grandma. 

Twenty nine (Part 2)

It’s February 29th again!

Can you believe this time, four years ago was a leap day? Yep I even have a blogpost about it. It was 29th February 2016, just a couple weeks since I started this blog.

I hope we’ll get to be here again in 2024, four years later. We are still early in the year 2020, we’ll see how the rest of the year goes.

bijibiji Striped Bucket Bag, proudly and ethically made in Malaysia. With locally owned Brew&Bread iced latte.

Happy February,


|Review| Bioré UV Perfect Protect Milk Moisture

Presenting my (current) favourite sunscreen in the world! *drumrolls please*

Dirt cheap effective. What more could you ask?

UV Perfect Milk Moisture SPF 50+ PA+++ by Bioré is my go-to daily sunscreen. After my favourite Shiseido sunscreen got a price hike last July, I had no choice but to look out for a cheaper alternative. Mind you, Shiseido Perfect UV Protector was already RM165 at the time I’d been using it a lil’ over a year circa 2018-2019. No way I’m gonna fork out more than RM165 for a bottle of 50ml liquid. Especially when I swiftly found an alternative just as good, with a fraction of the price.

Available at most drugstores, I usually repurchase mine at Watsons, which costs more or less RM15.90. And it doesn’t dry out my skin like how Shiseido did. The yellow-and-white bottle of Biore sun protection lasts barely a month when I used almost daily on my face and neck. But with such cheap price, do I mind?

The ingredients, listed in English despite everything else in Bahasa Melayu

The only downside is, it contains fragrance even though I barely detect any distinct scent. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin therefore wihtout the fragrance, this could have easily pass as my perfect sunscreen.

Do you wear sunscreen everyday? What is your favourite sun protection?


Happy New Year 2020!

Sunrise in Bukit Bintang, KL during a recent family staycation.

I have a lot to be thankful for, particularly for my daughter’s improving health condition from April ’19 onwards. So here’s hoping in 2020, our health continues to flourish so that we could live life, fully.



I cannot leave 2019 without showcasing some awesome photos I’ve taken throughout this year, which initially were meant for blog posts. Then, as clichè as it sounds; it’s suddenly the last day of the year. Thus waste not the few remaining hours we still got, `till 2020 comes. Let’s feast these eyes with some visual stimulations starting with; (Keep scrolling. It gets better, I promise)

Beauty products:

Sunscreens I used this year; can you guess which one is my favourite?

EDPs and facial mists are my life’s little luxury…

FINALLY got to finish up the LUSH reusable bubble bar wand I bought in Christmas ’18

The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser bought online from CultBeauty UK. Bought late Feb, finished late Dec

H&M Beauty dual brush(rm39.90); to replace my old-ass essence pink blusher brush.

Can you believe this tin is already a decade old since I bought it?

My skincare+stuffs are all sorted out, in IKEA transparent organizer (rm59) bought in Dec .

Food and everything else

My birthday cake this year! Pandan Gula Melaka by Gula Cakery (rm191)

A cup of hot latte, anyone?

That time I really pig out and had this all to myself. July 2019

Because meal-prepping is so time consuming😆 My first DIETMONSTA order back in Nov, 2019. Gotta say, I prefer their Muscle Gain Meals though

FREE large frappe from SF Coffee, coz I’m their good customer who collected all ten stamps☕

Hey there Mr. and Mrs. Planty!

Happy new year, guys!


Birthday beauties; 2019

Kiss of Stars lipstick in Starstruck, from MAC 2019 Holiday collection. RM105

Revisiting my first birthday post back in 2016, I wrote this post with such nostalgia. Personally, I created and maintain this blog not to show off meaningless, material posessions. (That’s what Instagram is for) Rather, it serves as a visual reminder for me to look back what I already have, thus be grafetul. Be it solid family members or a friendship that stood the test of time (with annual pretty birthday presents that come with it😬)

Having said that, this year’s birthday Joanna sent me a cool MAC 2019 Holiday lipstick in shade Starstruck. It’s bright pink/purple fuchsia. And it’s glittery. If you know me, you’d definitely raised an eyebrow on this choice of lipstick. But why not? The new decade is almost here, I’m not getting any younger so why don’t I rock a glittery fuchsia lips once in a while?

Of course sweet Jo sent this lipstick along with some other cute samples, EDP vials and a full-sized lipbalm. Coz even a pair of rock-metal lips need some protection.

Then two weeks later, another parcel arrived at my doorstep. This time is another birthday presents from her too:

Drugstore gems! 💎

Gorgeous goodies from Rimmel, Bourjois and Max Factor. Well thank you dear! These beauties are enough to doll me up in the new year.