LUSH and love❤

In August, I had an unplanned LUSH mini haul. Unplanned because I was actually driving my way to Kajang but due to a road closure I wasn’t aware of, I suddenly found myself in Jalan Bukit Bintang. Ah, serendipity~

I really enjoyed my haul last December and with 5 empty pots ready to be exchanged for a free Fresh Face Mask, I had a wishlist set since January of LUSH products I wish for. Wishlist was written, yet it wasn’t implemented when I went to LUSH Pavilion by accident that day. However, I went home happily with four products; a 45g pot of my favourite Dream Cream,

A lil’ over a month later, I finished both soaps but Aromaco still got a lot left & looks like it’s here to stay for few months more.

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