|Review| Duraneyls Luv Nail Cleanser

Guys, take a look at your nails now. Are they shimmer & shine ala diamonds, or as lackluster as stained windows? To most of us, a quick solution for dull nails is to shine them with a buffer block while watching our favourite TV shows. But do you know that buffing blocks contains dry wax? Yes it does the job. Unfortunately the dry wax means it creates an additional layer on your nails, preventing wudhu’ (ablution) water to pass evenly on the surface of the nails.

The idea of “high quality, Syariah compliant nail care range” was conceived by founders Muhammad Hafiz and wife Nur Hanani when they realized that manicure & pedicure services out there lack Muslimah friendly products, specifically products that are solat and ablution-friendly. Hence, Duraneyls was born. Duraneyls Nail Care is a range of high-quality solat-friendly products. One of them is Luv Nail Cleanser (RM58) , which comes with the 23ml cleanser itself, a nail smoother and a cloth buffer. Instructions on how to use them are provided both in English and Bahasa Melayu on the primary as well as the secondary packaging.

1. Luv Nail Cleanser (23ml) 2.Nail Smoother 3.Cloth Buffer

The texture of the cleanser resembles toothpaste, but it isn’t a problem at all to me. Rather, I find the minty-like scent refreshing. I personally like the glittery turquoise  Luv Nail Cleanser bottle cap. It adds a glamorous feel. After using these products based on the instructions, this is the result;  

It may not shown accurately in these pictures but in reality, my nails are shiny. It’s not the exaggerated shine which you usually get from buffing blocks. Rather, it gives my nails a subtle and healthy-looking shine. Of course, the surfaces of my nails feel slippery and clean too. I also used this on my toe nails and my, how I LOVE the result! They look even better than my finger nails. If you do manicure and pedicure regularly you know exactly how the former usually fades faster due to constant contact with soaps, laundry detergent and whatnot. 

All in all, Duraneyls Luv Nail Cleanser is a perfect solution for Muslims who want pretty-looking nails without compromising their belief. Go ahead, perk up your nails and observe your daily rituals such as taking ablution and prayers with ease.

To find out more about Duraneyls and more products from them, go to the official website www.duraneyls.com and also check out their Instagram account @duraneyls .

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