stila in the garden

photogrid_1475292628242.jpgBefore NAKED, I had been relying on this eye shadow palette which is in the garden by stila.  In fact I still do, occasionally. I believe this one is from their permanent collection, as I noticed it has been residing steadily on SEPHORA stila shelf since I bought it in November 2013. (Yes, it is that long I’ve been keeping this pretty palette to myself.)

Close ups of all the 12 shades

My personal favourite is blending moss + juniper. Clearly you can see how ‘dented’ these two shadows are. Oh, of course bark is also frequently applied as a base. Since I am dark-skinned, I usually steer clear of light or pastel hued shades such as chinois and nectar.

 Note:  Eye primer wasn’t applied underneath these swatches on the back of my right arm.

Since we are on the subject of eye shadows, it reminds of something. To date, almost every makeup tutorial & makeup artists I’ve came across in my life goes by the rule of applying ‘white’ shades in the corner of my eyes. Frankly speaking, I think it’s nonsense. Such technique only makes my eyes appear squinted & smaller. Now, of course there is nothing wrong with squinted nor small eyes. I’m all for natural beauty regardless of whatever size, shape and colour. But my eyes are naturally round and somewhat big so why alter that? Just like how girls with mono-lid eyes are repeatedly reminded by the ‘pros’ to ‘double-up’ their lids. Wha-?

Thank goodness it’s now 2016, when diversity is the current beauty trend. I’m rooting for this trend to stay, are you? 😉


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