|Review| Barbie+mascara = Boo-ha

I have a shameless confession: I’m a Barbie fan. Never mind her unrealistic body measurement. Never mind what the feminists say about how Barbie isn’t the ideal potrayal of women. Hate her all you want but dare I say, you’re in denial if you said Barbie never had a place in your childhood. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw the iconic Barbie font on a Maybelline mascara. I’m a mascara fan and a Barbie fan so naturally Maybelline the MAGNUM Barbie mascara is a match made in (makeup+Barbie) heaven! Of course first thing first; I scrutinized every inch of the mascara for the word ‘waterproof’, because I don’t wear waterproof mascaras. Man they are a struggle to remove. Maybelline have a lot of waterproof mascaras from what I observed. That is usually what stops me from having a tube from Maybelline. However for this girl Barbie, I didn’t see waterproof tattoed on her so hey why wait any second? I bought her eventually with 15% off from the actual price.

Unfortunately, this mascara is actually waterproof. C’mon Maybelline, what sorts of joke is this? Not.funny.at.all. 

I really find the metallic pink & yellow packaging pretty. Sadly I don’t see any point of keeping this mascara so after only using it twice, I sent this away to my friend as an extra for a care package. At least she loves it. She loves it so much I promise I’d get her a fresh new one when she runs of this mascara. 

Now where are my old Barbie dolls….

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