|Review|  “that gal” 

Remember “that gal”? She’s the one I once fell in love with for several years, but she kept breaking promises I fell out of love with her. However, recently I got the feeling that we’ve reconciled.

By now I’m sure you all know what I am talking about. Yes, “that gal” is actually a brightening face primer from benefit cosmetics that could make you  go from dull to darling. The funny thing is, this so called primer in reality is more of a highlighter. You’ll be disappointed if you wish “that gal” could let your foundation stay put. Well it couldn’t. 

So what I do with this product is, I apply a thin layer over my dry cheeks, oily nose and chin but I skip the forehead. It is the area which my face is the most oily. Then I apply pressed face powder & blusher. “that gal” is lovely when worn alone on a bare face. But if you’re on the oilier side this product may result to a shiny face. Eww.

The reason I grabbed this product recently because, now that I’m getting back on my makeup routine, I need more than just a face powder & a blusher. I’m not blessed with glowing skin and since I used to wear “that gal” before, I give her the second chance instead of getting into the hassle of shopping for another primer I’ve never tried. In addition, as a SEPHORA Black cardmember I’d get more than just a gal. Ha! 

And another thing….Ta-daa!!!

Seeing double? Your eyes don’t fool you, indeed you are seeing TWO gals here. The blue one is a limited edition 2012 London Olympics. I found her while doing a makeup spring cleaning last week. Somehow I just couldn’t throw this limited, one of a kind “that gal” .

Have you tried out “that gal”? Do you have any tips when using this gal? Let me know because good things are meant to be shared. 


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