|Review| Helpful & Delightful


Like the rest of Good Virtues Co. products, Helpful & Delightful Multiple Repair Hair Serum packaging is pretty and chic. Obviously this is the main reason that attracts me to this whole range of Good Virtues Co. Second being that the brand is Halal and very friendly to my wallet.

However, I’m afraid I cannot give a similar high praise for the effectiveness of this product. 2 weeks after using this serum; sometimes after I washed my hair and sometimes straight on my dry hair, I hardly see nor feel any improvement on my limp hair. Another thing which I find questionable about this product is, how it irritates the skin on my palm. (I have on-and-off contact dermatitis on my right palm) It does sting when the liquid comes into contact with my dry and crusty palm. For a product that claims it’s SLS, SLES and paraban free, this is a disappointment to us folks with sensitive skin.

At least the price is very affordable. That, in a way makes up for what it lacks in. Perhaps I simply am not suitable with this serum. What do you think? If you have tried this product and love it, please share it with us all here.


|Review|GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire EDP

My favourite perfume will always be Cheap n Chic by Moschino, which I won one from a contest way back in 2004. However, when it comes to fragrances I don’t really stick to just one. As a person, I consider myself a loyal individual; I’m committed to my child and my spouse, I treasure my siblings, I love devoting my time to my good friends. But when it comes to wearing perfumes, I try to be as non-monogamous as possible. Ha!

At the moment, I wear  La Petite Robe Noire, an eau de parfum by Guerlain. It means Little Black Dress. Here’s how  Escentual describe this perfume:

How cute & dainty is the bottle!

Personally, I really love this perfume! Despite being EDP instead of EDT, it isn’t as strong  as how EDPs usually are. That makes it very  appropriate to be worn during the day, and at work. I work in a non-air conditioned workplace, dealing with young learners. Couple that with year-round Malaysian tropical heat and what do you get? Awful B.O. if you are super sweaty and skip the deodorant & perfume all together. That, is the reason why I really rely on perfumes to dress me up daily.

I bought a 30ml size of this EDP for RM150 at Sephora. A very good deal I’d say. They were having a sale on fragrances back in July when I bought this. Barely two months later, the 30ml bottle is now less than half-empty. Will I repurchase once this one is finished? Uh-no! GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire eau de parfum is sweet and sexy, chic and glamorous, and I have a great time with her. But life is too short to be stuck with one scent forever.

-Mascaras & Motherhood-

Happy Malaysia Day!

It’s 16th September today and that means, Malaysia Day! Us Malaysians folks know how important this day is to us. Coincidently this year Malaysia Day falls on Friday. So yay! Long weekends again! 
As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I’ll be celebrating this special day with my family as there are two birthdays today and tomorrow. Fun time!

Enjoy the long weekend and for the rest of you all over the world, I wish you have a great Saturday & Sunday.

|Review| Barbie+mascara = Boo-ha

I have a shameless confession: I’m a Barbie fan. Never mind her unrealistic body measurement. Never mind what the feminists say about how Barbie isn’t the ideal potrayal of women. Hate her all you want but dare I say, you’re in denial if you said Barbie never had a place in your childhood. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw the iconic Barbie font on a Maybelline mascara. I’m a mascara fan and a Barbie fan so naturally Maybelline the MAGNUM Barbie mascara is a match made in (makeup+Barbie) heaven! Of course first thing first; I scrutinized every inch of the mascara for the word ‘waterproof’, because I don’t wear waterproof mascaras. Man they are a struggle to remove. Maybelline have a lot of waterproof mascaras from what I observed. That is usually what stops me from having a tube from Maybelline. However for this girl Barbie, I didn’t see waterproof tattoed on her so hey why wait any second? I bought her eventually with 15% off from the actual price.

Unfortunately, this mascara is actually waterproof. C’mon Maybelline, what sorts of joke is this? Not.funny.at.all. 

I really find the metallic pink & yellow packaging pretty. Sadly I don’t see any point of keeping this mascara so after only using it twice, I sent this away to my friend as an extra for a care package. At least she loves it. She loves it so much I promise I’d get her a fresh new one when she runs of this mascara. 

Now where are my old Barbie dolls….

Triclosan: Why it’s a huge deal – Not Just Itchy Skin

Hey guys,

I just got an email from Andrea, the lady inventor of Scratch Me Not. The email shares the latest news: The FDA announced that triclosan is now banned. Gasp!

Apparently, triclosan is an ingredient usually found in antibactirial soaps and gels. I remember using a facial cleanser with triclosan as an active ingredient. How scary is that?! Smearing my face with this harsh pesticide!

Read more about it on Andrea’s blog here;

Triclosan: Why it is HUGE deal.

Hopefully this article helps us all in finding safer products for our family, while at same time not compromising the effectiveness of the products.

Keep making smart choices.

Mascaras & Motherhood-

|Review|  “that gal” 

Remember “that gal”? She’s the one I once fell in love with for several years, but she kept breaking promises I fell out of love with her. However, recently I got the feeling that we’ve reconciled.

By now I’m sure you all know what I am talking about. Yes, “that gal” is actually a brightening face primer from benefit cosmetics that could make you  go from dull to darling. The funny thing is, this so called primer in reality is more of a highlighter. You’ll be disappointed if you wish “that gal” could let your foundation stay put. Well it couldn’t. 

So what I do with this product is, I apply a thin layer over my dry cheeks, oily nose and chin but I skip the forehead. It is the area which my face is the most oily. Then I apply pressed face powder & blusher. “that gal” is lovely when worn alone on a bare face. But if you’re on the oilier side this product may result to a shiny face. Eww.

The reason I grabbed this product recently because, now that I’m getting back on my makeup routine, I need more than just a face powder & a blusher. I’m not blessed with glowing skin and since I used to wear “that gal” before, I give her the second chance instead of getting into the hassle of shopping for another primer I’ve never tried. In addition, as a SEPHORA Black cardmember I’d get more than just a gal. Ha! 

And another thing….Ta-daa!!!

Seeing double? Your eyes don’t fool you, indeed you are seeing TWO gals here. The blue one is a limited edition 2012 London Olympics. I found her while doing a makeup spring cleaning last week. Somehow I just couldn’t throw this limited, one of a kind “that gal” .

Have you tried out “that gal”? Do you have any tips when using this gal? Let me know because good things are meant to be shared. 

|Eczema 101| ScratchSleeves

My little Aida’s Scratch Sleeves have arrived! Major thanks to my friend Gio  for ordering these from the UK for me.(have you checked out her brilliant blog BeautifulWithBrains?)

Mommies with eczema children may be familiar with these sleeves. For those with no clue, Scratch Sleeves are one of those anti-scratch sleeves designed to help young eczema warriors to keep scratching during bedtime less disastrous. They gonna scratch anyway, even without realizing it themselves. Many times, during Aida’s long term flare ups, she woke up in the middle of the night, face, pillows and bedsheet already covered in blood. That could happen if their fingers are left uncovered during their sleep.

I’m always a fan of ScratchMeNot (SMN) sleeves. The quality in general is superior in my opinion. However, now that Aida’s eczema isn’t as bad as it used to be, it’s time to find new anti scratch sleeves that are more affordable. SMNs are never cheap, especially with our Ringgit dropping low. So if your little ones have mild eczema or you simply want a cheaper alternative, Scratch Sleeves products is the answer.

To find out more about Scratch Sleeves and Scratch Me Not, check out their websites down here. Who knows, you might find a solution to your family’s eczema problem!

Hello September!

For some reasons, September is my second favourite month of the year. Wait, so what’s my first fave month? You’ve  gotta stay tuned for that.😘

September is the start of the beautiful autumn season to some. It’s one of the biggest months in fashion industry (fashion weeks fellas!) Personally, September is a birthday month for 2 of my family members. Hence I cannot wait for mid-September to arrive because it’s a guarantee of double birthday celebrations for my entire family. It’s good to be with my parents and all of my siblings!

I’m planning to post more interesting reviews and discussions throught September. Meanwhile, up there is a lovely picture of my recent beauty buy; benefit “that gal” Brightening Primer. I’ve a lot to talk about this primer, which I have been falling in, out and back in again for seven years!

To quote “that gal”, let’s go from dull to darling. Stay happy and stay beautiful.