Blush my lips

When it comes to lips, I admit I’m rather shy to let my lips “shout”. For years, I had been steadily stocking on neutrals and nudes for my lip products. The main reason is purely practical; I’m a sweat queen thus heavy products on my lips cause me to sweat even more around my lips. Eww.

However, lately I’m beginning to screw that and just wanna have fun instead. Good eye makeup or flawless face take much, much longer time to achieve don’t you agree? Let’s just put on lipstick and your face is all dolled up! That’s what got me into purchasing this bright pink essence lipstick in Blush My Lips, shade no. 12. I myself was quite surprised with how it turns out just nice on me. Not only that, Blush My Lips is a perfect match to my pink hijab that I wore on the second day of Syawal holiday! 

Ah, that’s my precious little Aida. She is my strong little eczema warrior. Hopefully I’ll write more about her long battle with eczema in Mascaras & Motherhood. Stay tuned! 😊

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