KATE Long Lash Mascara


KATE Cosmetics has been around for as long as I could remember. It’s one of those Japanese drugstore brands that are easily available nationwide. However, unlike other Japanese or Korean cosmetics with cutesy packaging, KATE is more on the edgier side. With Nakashima Mika as the former face of KATE, no less.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that I finally purchase a KATE product for the first time. I chose the Long Lash non-waterproof mascara in BK-1. I’m a mascara maniac, remember? So if I had to try a new brand I’m interested in, it has got to be an ever trusted tube of mascara.

The slim yet slightly curled wand with tiny bristles really helps to separate lashes. Unfortunately, the product clumps up in no time. I remember only after a month of using the mascara that dried, black flakes started to clump around the edges of the tube. We all know what clumpy mascaras do to our lashes, don’t we?

Maybe it’s the sleek, architectural black packaging, maybe it’s the ‘No More Rules’ cool-girl attitude, or maybe both factors are what made me had high hope for this mascara. I’m sorry long lashed KATE, I’m afraid my lashes and you won’t hang out together anymore after this.


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