SUNPLAY Sunscreen


Be honest folks, do you wear suncreen as routinely as you brush your teeth daily? I wasn’t, to be painfully honest. For years I had been dealing with oily skin. So I took that as an excuse not wear suncreen as it would only clog up my already congested pores. Oh, it also caused my makeup to disappear faster too.

But then ,something happened; I turned 30. And suddenly, my oil-drenched skin turned dry and felt sandpapery. So now I have to treat my aging skin rather kindly, which has been neglegted for the past couple of years. Now, I make it a point to always, always apply suncreen before heading out of the house, especially when the sun is fierce. Some days I may skip the mascara or the blusher, but not the sunscreen. Ever.

I’m currently using SUNPLAY SKIN AQUA UV Watery Gel suncreen. I’ve always been using SUNPLAY products for as long as I could remember. I used to wear the Whitening one. But now my main concern is protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays. Plus, I believe that UV Watery Gel with SOLAREX-3 technology is an advanced & improved formulation compared to the blue-and-white SUNPLAY bottle I’d been using years ago.

Now that I’m treating my poor skin the way it deserves to be treated, I hope I do look my age and that people no longer mistaken me for someone who is 35. Or 40. Yikes!

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