|Fashion| kate spade purse


Being a mom on a budget makes it difficult for me to maintain an expensive personal style. After all, I’m never big fan of upscale fashion houses. I’m more of a H&M and MANGO kinda girl. (Love Karlie Kloss in the latest MANGO New Metallics campaign!)

However, I always have soft spot for kate spade new york. She’s fresh, exuberant, free from animal cruelty, and somewhat affordable. I got friends that went to some length to get genuine kate spade bags for “a few bucks less”. Translation: Purchasing kate spade online through international personal shoppers. But where’s the fun in actually browsing in a physical boutique, carressing the fabrics with bare fingers?

So one day in September last year, tired from contemplating for months about should I or shouldn’t I get a new kate spade purse to replace my worn three year old one, I drove straight to Pavilion KL after work. I remember making grand extrance to the boutique, touching and scrutinizing some cute pieces from the Fall-Winter 2015 collection. Perhaps my workwear that day didn’t really scream “polished!” , because I felt like no one bothered to offer me any help while I was browsing. Hmm…..but nevertheless the male sales assistance was generally helpful and friendly once I broke the silence to ask about a particular purse I was really interested in.

Eventually, I brought home this black-and-cream cedar street dot stacy purse; no 2 in my kate spade wishlist back then. Six months later, stacy is as sleek as the first day I bought her. I still keep the receipt and the green care card and stapled them in my scrapbook. Yep, stacy stuck in my scrapbook y’all!

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