SUNPLAY Sunscreen


Be honest folks, do you wear suncreen as routinely as you brush your teeth daily? I wasn’t, to be painfully honest. For years I had been dealing with oily skin. So I took that as an excuse not wear suncreen as it would only clog up my already congested pores. Oh, it also caused my makeup to disappear faster too.

But then ,something happened; I turned 30. And suddenly, my oil-drenched skin turned dry and felt sandpapery. So now I have to treat my aging skin rather kindly, which has been neglegted for the past couple of years. Now, I make it a point to always, always apply suncreen before heading out of the house, especially when the sun is fierce. Some days I may skip the mascara or the blusher, but not the sunscreen. Ever.

I’m currently using SUNPLAY SKIN AQUA UV Watery Gel suncreen. I’ve always been using SUNPLAY products for as long as I could remember. I used to wear the Whitening one. But now my main concern is protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays. Plus, I believe that UV Watery Gel with SOLAREX-3 technology is an advanced & improved formulation compared to the blue-and-white SUNPLAY bottle I’d been using years ago.

Now that I’m treating my poor skin the way it deserves to be treated, I hope I do look my age and that people no longer mistaken me for someone who is 35. Or 40. Yikes!

|Fashion| kate spade purse


Being a mom on a budget makes it difficult for me to maintain an expensive personal style. After all, I’m never big fan of upscale fashion houses. I’m more of a H&M and MANGO kinda girl. (Love Karlie Kloss in the latest MANGO New Metallics campaign!)

However, I always have soft spot for kate spade new york. She’s fresh, exuberant, free from animal cruelty, and somewhat affordable. I got friends that went to some length to get genuine kate spade bags for “a few bucks less”. Translation: Purchasing kate spade online through international personal shoppers. But where’s the fun in actually browsing in a physical boutique, carressing the fabrics with bare fingers?

So one day in September last year, tired from contemplating for months about should I or shouldn’t I get a new kate spade purse to replace my worn three year old one, I drove straight to Pavilion KL after work. I remember making grand extrance to the boutique, touching and scrutinizing some cute pieces from the Fall-Winter 2015 collection. Perhaps my workwear that day didn’t really scream “polished!” , because I felt like no one bothered to offer me any help while I was browsing. Hmm…..but nevertheless the male sales assistance was generally helpful and friendly once I broke the silence to ask about a particular purse I was really interested in.

Eventually, I brought home this black-and-cream cedar street dot stacy purse; no 2 in my kate spade wishlist back then. Six months later, stacy is as sleek as the first day I bought her. I still keep the receipt and the green care card and stapled them in my scrapbook. Yep, stacy stuck in my scrapbook y’all!

Maybelline COLORsensational lipstick in Summer Sunset


Here’s something about me, I’m not a lipcolour person. Especially when my workplace is almost non air-conditioned, which makes wearing liquids or creams or glosses uncomfortable. But ever since I got my hands on those Golden Rose matte lipsticks, I’m now a convert! Sure, lipsticks always leave their marks on cups and tissues. They need to be reapply again and again. But isn’t that exactly the fun of being a woman? I bet anyone who is reading this right now agrees with me when I say twisting up a lippie, glide it on your lips and later smack them is a natural thing to do for women.


Since I just got a couple of matte lipsticks, I looked out for something that isn’t matte yet not glittery either. That’s how I got this Maybelline COLORsensational  in 615 Summer Sunset. Despite its name; the colour of this product is far from summery. Instead it’s a natural chocolatey-berry with a little sheen. If that makes sense.

I love wearing Summer Sunset when I feel like going for a little colour. It’s creamy and moisturizing enough for me to skip wearing lipbalm because let’s face it, when you sweats a lot like me, a lipbalm+lipstick+lipgloss combo would be too hard to handle.

Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks


Oh, It’s April already. While others welcomed the end of March for spring to arrive, or at least hoping that the cold winter calms down, here I am in Klang Valley, constantly sweating like it’s 36°C. Because honey, it is 36°C outside! Yes, unfortunately we’ve been getting this incredibly hot weather since early January. If you’re wondering why the malls are always packed, now you know why.

Because of this crazy heat, I wear less and less makeup. Sad. I know. But why waste 20 minutes in front of the mirror putting on makeup, only to have it ruined by sweats 5 minutes later? So as tempting as it is, due to practicality I have to skip the glosses and the liners. Sigh…

Thank goodness for matte lipsticks. Here are two Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks my dear friend from Poland sent me. Unlike lip glosses, which can be so unflattering when you lips are surrounded by sweats (I find upper lip sweat is just as gross as upper lip hair), matte lippies like these are heat resistant. Well, at least for me.

Velvet Matte in 02 is great for that natural look while 31 is pale and nude, perfect for pairing with strong, smokey eyes. I haven’t done smokey eyes for years so I’m currrently on Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipstick in 02 almost every day. Because every girl needs a little dose of colour everyday, doesn’t she?