Urban Decay NAKED palette



Remember when the Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadow palette made its debut? Beauty junkies everywhere from blogspheres to Budapest raaaaved about this palette that bares it all. As for me, I didn’t cave in until about two years later, when NAKED was already being evershadowed by her sister NAKED 2.

I got this palette from Sephora in autumn 2013. I was in my second trimester, and was on a makeup madness phase (to make up for the past six months of morning sickness.
No pun intended). It was a treat for myself  before the baby arrived. It’s NAKED for me instead of NAKED 2 because after swatching both testers, I feel like my warm tone suits NAKED more.

I may not use these eyeshadows religiously these days, but the palette is still there, sitting pretty on the desk in my bedroom at my parents’. Perfect for neutral looks I’m going for whenever I’m out with my family back home.

What about you? Do you have a NAKED palette? Or any favourite Urban Decay NAKED product?

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