|Review| essence get BIG! LASHES mascara


To mark the birth of Mascaras & Motherhood, I look at the blog name for inspiration; mascaras, and motherhood. While I’ve so much to share about the latter, I feel that a mascara deserves a spot on this very first  post.

The mascara I am currently using is get BIG! LASHES mascara by essence, a super-affordable drugstore brand which hit our shores few years back. As for packaging, it’s a rather fat purple and pink tube, perhaps to match its name. And you know what else matches the name? The bristles. Personally I’m not a fan of big tubes as they usually take up space in makeup purses. However I decided to give this voluptuous lady a try as I was attracted by what it offers; “triple black effect. for maximum volume and extremely thick lashes.” Indeed this mascara really gives me that triple black effect! My eyes do look fuller after two coats. Not bad at all for a mascara that costs barely RM14.00

The only downside is it gives me a hard time to remove it. I usually use cleansing makeup wipes to remove my makeup so even after wiping my lashes two to three times, my under eyes are smeared by the product. It’s not even waterproof. I suggest using a cream or an oil-based makeup remover when removing this mascara, unless you don’t mind losing an eyelash or two.

Overall, this is a great mascara for voluminising lashes that stay on for hours. The price is perfect for those on a budget, or for those who simply don’t feel like spending more than RM40.00 for a tube of mascara (like me) .

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