Twenty nine

2013 Bali 329
#throwback to Bali in March ’13

It’s February 29th! It’s not everyday that you wake up, glance at your phone screen and see the date, 29/2 glancing back at you. Therefore to celebrate this very special day, how about making a list of twenty nine mascaras I’ve used my whole life? Okay now that I’ve said it, I admit it sounds rather ridiculous. But be ridiculous, shall we? So here goes:

  1. Maybelline Lash Discovery
  2. Maybelline Volum’ Express The COLOSSAL
  3. Maybelline DEFINE-A-LASH
  4. Maybelline Great Lash
  5. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length
  6. Maybelline Volum’ Express
  7. benefit They’re Real!
  8. benefit BADgal lash 
  9. benefit BADgal BLUE 
  10. essence lash and brow gel
  11. essence get BIG! lashes triple black
  12. essence all eyes on me multi-effect
  13. stila MAJOR Major Lash
  14. stila multi-effect 
  15. Estee Lauder Double Wear
  16. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting 
  17. MAC Zoom Lash
  18. MAKE UP STORE Max Lashes
  19. Revlon Bold Lacquer by Grow Luscious
  20. RIMMEL Extra WOW Lash
  21. za Impact Lash
  22. Silkygirl Lash Prism
  23. KATE Long Lash
  24. deBBY mascara (yikes I forgot the name of the product! I even blog about it in my old blog. A friend from Italy was super nice for getting me a tube. )

…….so that’s it? 24? I guess trying to list down 29 mascaras IS ridiculous, haha! But oh my, it is fun writing this post. Brings back good memories of my love for mascaras; the first tube I got when I was 18 (Maybelline Lash Discovery), the over-hyped one (benefit They’re Real!) …..anyways folk, Happy 29th of February! Here’s hoping I could do this again in four years’ time.

Urban Decay NAKED palette



Remember when the Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadow palette made its debut? Beauty junkies everywhere from blogspheres to Budapest raaaaved about this palette that bares it all. As for me, I didn’t cave in until about two years later, when NAKED was already being evershadowed by her sister NAKED 2.

I got this palette from Sephora in autumn 2013. I was in my second trimester, and was on a makeup madness phase (to make up for the past six months of morning sickness.
No pun intended). It was a treat for myself  before the baby arrived. It’s NAKED for me instead of NAKED 2 because after swatching both testers, I feel like my warm tone suits NAKED more.

I may not use these eyeshadows religiously these days, but the palette is still there, sitting pretty on the desk in my bedroom at my parents’. Perfect for neutral looks I’m going for whenever I’m out with my family back home.

What about you? Do you have a NAKED palette? Or any favourite Urban Decay NAKED product?

Milka munch


This stuff is seriously good! Perfect for that late night munching (when your toddler is already asleep) while you reaally have to finish that paper by midnight. Just make sure to brush your teeth before you hit the pillow.

Argan everything

045I suspect this product came out when Argan Oil was all at the top of its hypeness. The time when the Western world opened up their eyes to this Moroccon-born oil which is claimed to be a miracle to everything, from your  diet to your hair. So it’s no surprised cleansing wipes such as this ARGAN OIL make-up remover cleansing towelettes by PUREDERM joined in the bandwagon.

I purchased this from a drugstore during the year-end sale last December. I already have a staple cleansing wipes but once in a while, trying something out of your comfort zone won’t hurt, no? Especially when it’s barely RM8.00.

For the price, you get a generous 30 sheets of wipes. The wipes do not leave your skin feeling moist even though it’s decent enough to wipe off clean all the makeup and gunk on the face.

|Eczema 101| Multipurpose


One look at the blog name and you know the person behind Mascaras & Motherhood  is a mother. Apparently, I have a two year old daughter. A cheerful, bright toddler with eczema. Yes you read that right; unfortunately this little sunshine of mine has eczema since three months old. Long story short, after two years of suffering she’s now has improved tremendously. Expect to see more eczema related posts in the future but for now, how about a fun review on a product that’s not only kind to sensitive scalp but also doubles up as a makeup brush cleanser?

Just like any other products by Buds, Everyday Shampoo is organic. It contains aloe vera as the main ingredient. It works okay for my daughter’s hair. However this gentle multitasker doesn’t withstand sweaty scalp. After running around and busy exploring in a humid weather, she will start scratching her head.

But you know what I love more about this multitasker? It’s great as a brush cleanser! I guess due to its organic nature, all my makeup brushes (both natural and synthetic) are clean, soft and back to their shape after one wash.

Any mother out there would agree that having children means less space in your bathroom, bedroom or pretty much every possible space in your life. So imagine how relieve I am to find one product that works for my daughter AND me. Yay for sharing!

|Review| essence Blusher Brush 



I am head over heels with this baby! The blusher brush by essence not only has a chic pink and silver look, but it has also been improved. Unlike the previous black and purple, this one the strands are slanted, which makes it even more effective to apply powdered blushers on cheeks.

|Review| essence get BIG! LASHES mascara


To mark the birth of Mascaras & Motherhood, I look at the blog name for inspiration; mascaras, and motherhood. While I’ve so much to share about the latter, I feel that a mascara deserves a spot on this very first  post.

The mascara I am currently using is get BIG! LASHES mascara by essence, a super-affordable drugstore brand which hit our shores few years back. As for packaging, it’s a rather fat purple and pink tube, perhaps to match its name. And you know what else matches the name? The bristles. Personally I’m not a fan of big tubes as they usually take up space in makeup purses. However I decided to give this voluptuous lady a try as I was attracted by what it offers; “triple black effect. for maximum volume and extremely thick lashes.” Indeed this mascara really gives me that triple black effect! My eyes do look fuller after two coats. Not bad at all for a mascara that costs barely RM14.00

The only downside is it gives me a hard time to remove it. I usually use cleansing makeup wipes to remove my makeup so even after wiping my lashes two to three times, my under eyes are smeared by the product. It’s not even waterproof. I suggest using a cream or an oil-based makeup remover when removing this mascara, unless you don’t mind losing an eyelash or two.

Overall, this is a great mascara for voluminising lashes that stay on for hours. The price is perfect for those on a budget, or for those who simply don’t feel like spending more than RM40.00 for a tube of mascara (like me) .